Simply Shweshwe Yoga Mat Bag

  • Handcrafted from 100% cotton Shweshwe fabric and lined with a contrasting colour
  • Design for style and durability
  • Yoga bag is designed with a full length zip which makes it easy to load your yoga mat
  • Big enough to hold your mat and towel
  • Front pocket for your keys and mobile phone
  • Hand-stitched in South Africa by Simply Shweshwe

Our simple yet unique yoga mat bag is a perfect companion for your yoga practice and fitness lifestyle. this yoga mat captures a more traditional purple print of shweshwe with a hint of blue and red.


  • Size: Length 75cm, Diameter 48cm
  • Material: Shweshwe fabric
  • Machine wash on a cold cycle


  • Seller ships within 7 days
  • Extra length and width bags are available on request


  •  Hassle free returns with in 30 days. See details

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