Dokmai was founded in 2014 as a private, family owned limited company by Mrs UMUNYANA Bernadette
Dokmai is a newcomer in Rwanda, but the company has its roots in Laos.

For 8 years Dokmai produced Fair Trade handmade goods, specializing in hand-woven and naturally dyed silk products following both traditional styles and en vogue fashion

In 2014, Bernadette Umunyana left South East Asia and decided to restart a new handicraft business aiming at attracting the attention of the international community for the beauty of Rwanda through promotion of exquisite handicraft products “Made in Rwanda” by local artisans using local raw materials.

After a survey of the existing local handicraft market and of potential opportunities and niches Umunyana decided that the leather fashion sector was most promising to attract local and also international customers. Today, Dokmai Rwanda is pushing forward a “Made in Rwanda” aesthetic by working with local artisan using local raw materials

Our products are handmade with passion in Rwanda by skilled leather craftspeople, both women and men.
Our objectives are

  • To provide our customers with a one of-a –kind product that is made to last.
  • To establish “Made in Rwanda” as internationally recognized label for high quality standards and value for money.
  • To create jobs in gender inclusive manner with a special attention to youth.


DOKMAI Rwanda adheres to the principles of Fair Trade.and social reponsibility
Leather used by DOKMAI RWanda meets the EU REACH directive with regard to toxic chemicals