Zeri Leather is a brand dedicated to offering high quality leather for the SACU and global market. The leather bags are hand made using the finest and high quality leather hides from Ethiopia.

Zeri Leather is owned by Jalad Africa, a small manufacturing enterprise based in Maseru, Lesotho. The company's sole intention is to provide decent job opportunities for Basotho youth.


Lesotho is a land locked country that is completely surrounded by South Africa. Due to the limited economic opportunities in the county, Basotho are highly dependent on South Africa for job opportunities, despite the country experiencing it's own challenges when it comes to unemployment. Zeri leather's main aim is to positively impact in this situation by providing decent job opportunities both in Lesotho and South Africa through its value chain.


To see sustainable and equitable life transformation in Africa


To contribute to broad socio-economic development in Lesotho through the manufacturing of high quality and value for money products. Positively impact the narrative around African brands being game changers.


Righteousness. Excellence. Integrity.