Simply Shweshwe Yoga Mat Bag, Aztec Blue

  • Handcrafted from 100% cotton Shweshwe fabric and lined with a contrasting colour
  • Design for style and durability
  • Yoga bag is designed with a full length zip which makes it easy to load your yoga mat
  • Big enough to hold your mat and towel
  • Front pocket for your keys and mobile phone
  • Hand-stitched in South Africa by Simply Shweshwe

Our simple yet unique yoga mat bag is a perfect companion for your yoga practice and fit lifestyle. Geometric patterns of blue and white evoking thoughts of the warrior pose, virabhadrasana, this yoga mat bag has connotations of ancient times and wisdom.


  • Size: Length 75cm, Diameter 48cm
  • Material: Shweshwe fabric
  • Machine wash on a cold cycle


  • Seller ships within 7 days
  • Extra length and width bags are available on request


  •  Hassle free returns with in 30 days. See details

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