This website is owned and operated by Itarazen (PTY) LTD, a company registered in Cape Town, South Africa, under the number 2018 / 379450 / 07.

Headquarters: 27 Caledon Street 1st Floor, Zonnebloem Cape Town 7925


Itarazen is a digital marketplace for uniquely designed and authentic luxury products made in Africa. Based in cape Town, South Africa with vendors & team members across the continent, we aim to become the most convenient and secure platform where local and international shoppers meet the most talented designers on the continent who offer their creations online.
Our well-designed marketplace is created based on top-notch technology and is operated by experience eCommerce professionals and online marketers.
Itarazen seeks to work with carefully selected designers on an invitation-only basis and will hand pick the most attractive products, in order to provide both, the shopper and the designer a focused and rich prime experience of the highest quality.
As an online marketplace, Itarazen seeks to connect suppliers of African products with customers who seek to buy these products. Itarazen will:
    (A) Operate and market the website,
    (B) edit and publish listings of approved products,
    (C) notify the Seller of order requests and communicate order confirmations to customers,
    (D) accept online payments from customers on behalf of the Seller and distribute due payments to the Sellers.
    (E) We keep no inventory but arranges for trusted courier companies to pick up products ordered. through the marketplace directly from the designers and deliver them to the customer.
    (F) Handle all customer queries and complaints


Itarazen does not charge you any fixed fees for your seller account. For all products sold by you, Itarazen will charge a commission of 15% of the total value. This commission also includes the payment processing cost borne by Itarazen.
Itarazen has engaged licensed third-party service providers like Peach Payments, Payfast or others to facilitate the payment acceptance from the Buyers and the disbursement of funds to the Sellers.
We have implemented processes and security measures in order to reduce payment fraud. If we deem a payment for an order suspicious, we reserve the right to cancel that order
All funds resulting from a completed transaction will be reflected as a balance in a Seller's payment account. Transactions are considered complete once the payment is approved by Itarazen or our fraud analysis provider. Any refunds, adjustments and applicable fees are also applied to Your payment account balance.
We will settle the eligible account balance bi-weekly into Your designated Settlement Account. Payout Days are the 1st and the 15th day of a month. Depending on Your bank, the funds will typically reflect within 1-2 bank working days.
All sellers are reviewed for acceptance by Itarazen, and if approved, the seller will acknowledge and agree to our terms and conditions in order to complete the registration. The seller will have to provide certain personal identifiable information or company information, if you’re creating the account for a registered business. That type of information will be used to setup seller’s account with Itarazen.
Product listing
Seller will provide digitized images, pricing, promotions, accurate and complete product information to Itarazen for each product you offer for sale through Itarazen
  • Images: digitized good quality product images in JPEG format or PNG, pure white background, there should be no texts or logos on the image.
  • Pricing: must be the same as your selling price in your store or your other online sales channels.
  • Product policies and promotions if you offer free shipping or discounts in your store or other sales channels, should be the same policies and promotions for your products offered for sale through Itarazen, promptly update that information as necessary to ensure it at all times remains accurate and complete.
    For your products offered for sale through Itarazen, we will provide the most effective couriers and shipping costs will depend on courier services, origin, destination, weight and dimensions of the package. these charges will be your charges to the customer and we will report them to you. for products that you offer for sale on free shipping, you will notify Itarazen about such promotions.
    Itarazen will send you an invoice for shipping costs after.
    • You are required to package each of your products in a commercially reasonable manner complying with all applicable packaging and labelling requirements.
    • Dispatch each of your products within a period not exceeding 24 hours. you may not send customers emails confirming orders or fulfillment of your products.
    • The courier will collect your product from your registered store address and deliver the product to the customer.
    • Itarazen will communicate order and shipping updates to the customer.
    • for products that you offer for sale on free shipping, you will notify Itarazen about such promotions. Itarazen will send you an invoice after the courier delivers your product to the buyer which you will pay by remitting.
    Returns and Refunds
    For any of your products sold through Itarazen, you will promptly accept, process returns, provide refunds and replacements for any of your products if it fulfils one or more of the following conditions:
    • Was delivered in a physically damaged condition .
    • Has missing parts or accessories.
    • Is different from what was ordered.
    • Is different from its description on the product details page on Itarazen.
    The buyer will send the item back to you before we issue a refund, return shipping costs will depend on why the buyer is returning the item. If the buyer is at fault the buyer will pay for shipping, if the seller is at fault the seller will pay for shipping.
    You may terminate Your Seller's Account with Itarazen at any time by notifying us that you no longer wish to use our services. Upon effective termination, You will still be obliged to fulfil any confirmed, but still outstanding purchase orders. Itarazen will settle all outstanding Seller's payment account balances once they become eligible.
    • Brand awareness
      Itarazen is the perfect starting point for brands and retailers looking to sell their products internationally and increase brand awareness.
    • New channel to reach customers
    • Sales
      Increase your sales by reaching out to a huge pool of customers.
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
      Selling on Itarazen gives you excellent odds of your products showing up on google without you spending any money.
    • Acquire new customers
      Customers may be searching for - and discover - your products. Products they may not have discovered.
    • No fixed cost
      Pay when you sell. Itarazen doesn't charge you for getting your products listed on the Marketplace. Rather, it deducts a percentage as commission from sales of your products.
    • Listing
      We list all your approved products at no cost.
    • Shipping
      Enjoy hassle-free shipping with our trusted logistics partner.
    • Customer service
      Itarazen handles all customer queries and complaints.
    6.     final provisions
    • There are no oral or written side agreements to the Term
    You can join itarazen as a vendor now CREATE ACCOUNT or send an email to