Kaowa Design is a design studio founded in 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa

We create beautiful wooden marquetry furniture from upcycled hardwoods and responsibly sourced timbers.

Each of our pieces comes to life from a unique juxtaposition of wood grains and colours forming textures and geometric patterns that capture the eye and imagination.

Our signature designs are inspired from the technique of marquetry. First developed in Antwerp, Holland, in the 1600s by high end cabinet and furniture makers. We are keeping this art alive today, by making handmade products that bring a unique flair to any room.

We work hard to create quality products that are beautiful, sustainable and unique. The hardwoods that we use are upcycled from various sources; some have been used as floors, walls or other furniture, some have come from workshops as offcuts and unwanted pieces.

We pride ourselves in minimising waste while producing beautiful design objects that people love to have in their spaces.

Our vision is to create beautiful, unique, high quality furniture using sustainable methods, while driving equity and responsible business in our local and global society. We are passionate in bringing this vision to the world.

The process of taking old, discarded timber and making something beautiful for others to enjoy gives us daily satisfaction. We pour our love for trees, wood and beautiful things into every piece that we make.


We shape the past into unique wooden designs that inspire you to find the patterns within the pattern. We are always dreaming up new patterns and applications.


By sharing knowledge, skills and resources through partnerships, we empower families and generations to come by building together for a common future.


We pour our love and attention into every item that we make, always looking for ways to improve our process and products. Our goal is to create beautiful lifetime items that people love to have in their homes.