A heritage legacy is a premium producer of natural handcrafted products that infuse the arts and culture creations from around Southern African countries therefore re-inforcing our indigenous knowledge systems.

We aim at developing diversified sources of economic growth, human capital, social development as well as sustainable use of natural resources.

Our products were created with our environment and its people in mind to address the United Nations Sustainable development goals which are dear to our hearts.


With our vision, the love and craftsmanship of the elderly women in rural areas as well as modern means of production, we have been able to create unique African bags.

we assist in improving modes of production so as to increase our export bracket with better quality. By improving the systems and processes in the traditional art-form of weaving we are able to re-skill the community using traditional practices and share the precious creations with the world while preserving the unique identity.

This has been achieved by developing new tools, improving their practices of collecting raw materials in a more sustainable manner so as to conserve mokolwane, manufacturing its products and distributing its creations.

With our leather workshop in Cape Town (consisting of the youth), we are stitching the divided together therefore enhancing a symbiosis that exist to thrive greater by teaching the youth the process of weaving. a heritage legacy.



Previously in the rural areas during harvesting of mokolwane, the mokolwane plant leaves were cut without care for continued life ( slashing the entire plant even that which is not necessary for production). We have since assisted with more sustainable means of only harvesting what is necessary so that the plant recovers three months after to grow and be a source of better livelihoods for people. Through conserving them, we are guarantied that this indigenous knowledge continues to live for a very long time therefore passing it from generation to generation within the Southern African context.


Carry our heritage on your shoulder and explore with an African spirit.


To be the leading industrial design that promotes cultural preservation


We stand to integrate cultural heritage and innovation together to produce detailed high quality handcrafted products