Root in Style was established in 2015 as a high-end quality fashion leather accessory brand handcrafted by Ethiopian women’s in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

As a start, every product is a result of either a problem or an opportunity. Somehow, Root in Style is a result of both.

The problem was nonexistence of enough Ethiopian fashion brand that break to international market and change the perception of the world on African brand and the opportunity is living in a country with 2nd livestock population in African and a source of high quality leather, Ethiopia.

After Root in style establishment, the purpose was not only creating a brand that was a solution, but also, creating a brand which can be made by women artisans and a brand that gives job opportunity to unprivileged young girls in Addis Ababa.




Root in Style have been awarded as “Best African Brand” in 2017 by bellaafricana in Nigeria.

All of Root in Style product designs are reflection of Ethiopian Tradition, culture, and artefacts that gives a unique look on our design.

Our vision is to make Root in Style a world class fashion accessary brand, made in Ethiopia.

Root in Style Motto is:-

“Be amazingly Unique”