Born in a family of highly recognised artisans in Bolgatanga, Ghana, Samuel got into basket making at the age of 10. Working with his uncles, brothers and sisters in the production of art products such as Moses baskets, African market baskets and fruit baskets, he soon discovered a passion for weaving basket.

At the age of 17 Samuel decided to turn his passion into a profession, he gathered knowledge from his artisan family members and AfricanheritageGH was born.

By improving the systems and processes in the traditional art-form of weaving we are able to share our precious creations with the world while preserving our unique identity

We strive for authenticity and individuality in each product and in crafting items that are timeless and personal.





AfricanheritageGH is a premium producer of natural handcrafted products that infuse the arts and culture creations from Bolgatanga, Ghana.

Our products are crafted with our environment and it's people in mind, we use natural materials and dyes which are non-toxic and environmental friendly

We believe in creating products that are timeless and personal. Made by hand each product bears the finger prints of the person who made it.