Me and the Sea is proudly South African. Every one of our garments is meticulously handmade in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

Hi! I’m Christelle, founder and owner of Me and the Sea.

Me and the Sea was born out of a love for the ocean. When I chat to women about riding waves, watching the sun rise from backline, and surfing with dolphins, I see that sparkle in their eyes.

The sparkle that says, “Hey, I want to try that too.” I also hear the familiar questions: “How do I get started?” and “What do I even wear?” How easily we talk ourselves out of doing the thing we’ve been dreaming of.

We tell ourselves we can’t do it. Me and the Sea is about women who say yes, who find a way to follow their passion, from land to sea.




I really struggled to find a bikini that let me have fun in and out of the water, while still looking utterly stylish. So I started designing what we call ‘active swimwear’ - swimwear and activewear - that supports your active, playful lifestyle.

Whether you swim, surf, SUP, surfski, play volleyball on the beach or frolic with your kids in the shore break, Me and the Sea swimwear stays on, provides support, protects your skin AND looks incredible.

Me and the Sea is building a community of confident women who love what they’re wearing and feel at home in their own skin.

Women who care about the ocean and each other. Women who have found their happy place in the water and know what makes their soul come alive, regardless of age, skill or board of choice.