'It's not just clothing, it's a story'

Every piece of clothing we own carries a story. And we never really stop to think about the process and where our clothing comes from.
Its my vision to make this process more transparent. Since I was a little girl, there have been three things that I love: creating, emotions and books.
So after much trial and error and issues and life and all that fun stuff. I set out to create a brand that created, makes people happy and evokes emotion and tells a story.
Each garment starts with the design process that never follows the same course, we draw inspiration from fabrics, the outside or doodles and sketches in our studio.
From there the pattern making, drapery and cutting begin and the garment lands in the hands of our trusty tailor Andrews.
Our close friend Andrews, loves vetkoek (a little too much), really dislikes the colour olive green because he says it looks like military uniforms and always wear a tracksuit and sneakers on a Friday because its officially the weekend and time to relax.
The quiet smiling legend that creates all things beautiful, the back bone of our brand. Andrews works from our studio in Linden, Johannesburg, South Africa
Once the design is finalized and the quality approved we produce a small number of garments in our studio. Usually as few as 10 per style and color to ensure authenticity and exclusivity.
'My aim is to create timeless, classic pieces that are easy additions to your current wardrobe. Effortless, well tailored and high quality garments that will flatter a woman and last her a life time'

-Danielle Frylinck