NaniTa specialises in African inspired couture, leather goods and jewellery. We are passionate about all things African.

A lot of our designs and craftsmanship has been passed down to us through generations. Most of our team members are trained from a very young age by our own parents, extended family, and community. With growth, we have perfected our skills and expanded our knowledge through training colleges (design schools). We take pride in our work and enjoy the time we take creating each collection.

To be relevant in today’s world, we take traditional designs and customise them to meet current tastes and standards. We love clothes and jewellery that do more than cover bodies. Designed for the times we live in, our clothes and accessories represent ours and our customers' personalities, moods, ambitions, and desires.

Our designs and materials are not entirely unique to us; we draw inspiration from cultures and diverse groups that live around us. The final creations reflect our ethos - they are timeless, easy to wear, made from meticulously chosen for quality, and ethically sourced materials from all over Africa. We are great lovers of bold prints and colourful materials.

These colourful ethnic African inspired wearables can be worn by any classy, bold and beautiful person who daily celebrates the gift of life.

The NaniTa team is made of people from all over Africa who celebrate cultural diversity. Unity in diversity is what makes our brand unique. The cross cultural pollination is evident in our products. The name NaniTa comes from personal experiences legendary to us. Engage with us if you would like to know more.

All hand-crafted and hand- stitched

Afrika Éclat - luxury hand bags