AfricanheritageGH Handmade Dog Bed

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  • Made with only pet-safe materials, dog bed is completely non-toxic
  • Environmentally friendly durable dog bed - handmade to last for many years to come 
  • Easy to clean, stains can be removed by a simple wipe with a wet cloth
  • Crafted by professional craftsmen 
  • Free Shipping - Use Code at Checkout. itarazen2020
  • Handwoven in Ghana by AfricanheritageGH

Provide your dog a solid night's sleep with this AfricanheritageGH dog bed. Made from 100% natural materials, this eco-friendly dog bed is crafted to last and it creates a safe, cozy and snug sleeping space for your pet.

Dimensions & Features

  • Size: 30" Length x 12.6" Height x 23" Width
  • Material: Natural straw


  • Seller ships within 3-5 days, please contact us if you would like to receive it sooner
  • Estimated delivery: 10-21 days
  • Sold without a mattress pad

How to shape your basket

  • We ship your basket fully shaped but due to Loading and packing your basket might be out of original shape when received 
  • Easily reshape your basket by sprinkling water on the entire basket 
  • Straighten it with your hand to get back the original shape
  • Allow your basket to dry


Hassle free returns within 30 days. See details


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