From The Continent

Inspired By The Continent






For some, Africa is a continent depicted through wars, poverty, misery and disease. For others nevertheless "it is a place where dreams come true"

Africa represents the fastest-growing region for entrepreneurship in the world, with many taking more risks than ever before and building phenomenal businesses that are tackling problems and creating lots of jobs in the process.

Itarazen is using technology to connect Africa’s authentic brands with consumers globally

The perception of many about made in Africa, is a poverty-stricken community trying to survive by creating low quality products. Itarazen brings you Authentic Africa a home to a universe of special talented designers, extraordinary craftsmanship, authentic luxury products and great entrepreneurs who are turning Made in Africa into global brands and best-seller.

Talent is universal, Opportunity is not. We need the opportunity to show the world "What’s out of Africa"


Who We Are

Itarazen is a digital platform that uses e-commerce to globalize uniquely designed and authentic luxury products made in Africa.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa with sellers and team members across the continent, itarazen connects hand picked sellers to shoppers around the world, we offer the platform as a safe and convenient place where shoppers purchase curated uniquely designed and authentic luxury products made in Africa. “We guarantee you get the purchased item or money back”

Our well designed platform is created based on top-notch technology and is operated by experienced e-commerce professionals.

Inspired by entrepreneurs who have the potential to turn made in Africa products into global brands, itarazen seeks to challenge global perceptions of Africa by showcasing expertly crafted items made with high-quality materials designed by the best designers who pay attention to authenticity and ethical values in their production.


What We Do

We celebrate artists, designers and quality craftsmanship. Itarazen works with carefully selected designers on an invitation-only basis in order to provide the shopper a focused and rich prime experience of the highest order.

African designers and craftsmen have been isolated from continental and global customers due to distance, fear of not receiving purchased items, secure payments and complex shipping requirements.

Through technology and innovation, itarazen makes it possible for shoppers to safely, quickly and easily find exactly what they want from our wider range of products, committed to delighting our customers every step of the way, itarazen is reinventing the way people shop online in Africa from product discovery to final delivery.


We’re Passionate

From the continent inspired by the continent, We are real people, We work hard because we love what we do, We’re fully committed to our business.

Our customers success is our success. We’re constantly evolving and innovating to bring you the ultimate authentic luxury experience.